Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Gridline’s mission is to be the premier broadband service provider, implementing a smart grid network, including micro-grid management, and leveraging that deployment to offer superior and low-cost broadband services to residential and small business users both in the United States and other world markets. We are pursuing this goal by establishing partners and clients, through a variety of relationships, in order to deploy our products, services, and develop an ongoing monthly revenue stream for the long term.

Vision Statement

Gridline’s vision encompasses creating a “Green” broadband transport/delivery suite for smart grid implementation and connectivity as well as providing consumer driven web services, content, and applications that create the demand for high speed connectivity. Gridline is focused on implementing an international presence, aggregating and integrating currently available broadband technologies with new transport/delivery technologies of broadband connectivity and reaching into markets where no or little broadband access is available. Our vision encompasses much more than connecting to a subscriber. It is creating a path to information, services, and applications that clients need and/or want, and then ensuring that we provide not only that path (or connection) but also the information that creates the client’s demand for that connection.

Less than 30% of the world population has access to the Internet and less than 20% has access to high-speed broadband connection. Gridline sees its vision expanding beyond the traditional markets addressed by current broadband companies. By also bringing these services to areas of the world where there is little or no Internet presence, we believe we will not only receive a high level of international recognition, but will also have a dramatic and significant impact in building the bridge across the Digital Divide. This vision and approach will bring Gridline to the forefront in facilitating and stimulating the socio-economic growth of entire nations that can further contribute to the overall growth of the world economy. Gridline has effectively begun execution of this Vision.

In order to accomplish this vision Gridline will seek growth through, a) targeted acquisitions, b) strategic partnerships and joint ventures, c) aggressive research and development, and d) strategic and highly visible sales and marketing campaigns. It is our intent to maximize shareholder values and mitigate risks by creating sound, multiple revenue streams, creating and/or acquiring valuable intellectual properties, and creating a highly visible and profitable international presence in the next generation broadband communications industry.