Gridline Objectives

Gridline Objectives


As the Company’s broadband network is deployed and expanded, driven by the demand for intelligent powergrid infrastructure, our objective for our consumer clients is to have an array of applications and content available for their use of the broadband enabling connectivity. Management believes the Company’s commercial success depends on successfully deploying the broadband network, and identifying broad-based application solutions for our partners and end users. The Company is distinctive in its focus on creating products that minimize the technological barriers to change and accelerate the availability of value priced, high-speed, broadband access and those associated bandwidth utilization applications that are available.

The Senior Management of Gridline represents over 200 years of communications technology expertise and experience and over 120 years of Senior level business management expertise. Our expertise includes in-depth, hands on, knowledge in integration, design, deployment, and business strategy/operations of multiple technologies and networks, such as traditional wired and wireless voice and data communications, satellite, cable-modem, xDSL, Fiber transport, and others. This combination of practical, technical and business expertise enables us to provide a uniquely balanced and insightful approach for the utilization of Broadband applications. Additionally, our Senior Management has extensive experience in new technology introduction, start-up through secondary public offering, maximizing our shareholder return on investment, as well as significant international experience worldwide. Detailed Bios on each of our Senior Management team are available upon request.

Gridline faces the same challenges as other communications companies in staying abreast of technological advancements, as well as the financial market challenges. However, the need for Gridline’s products and services has grown dramatically while the costs of implementation have gone down. In addition we now see governments advancing, or quoting, our business strategy. The Gridline tenets previously discussed are captured and encapsulated within the new industry “buzz words” so often heard today. Both the U.S. and U.K. governments have coined the phrases “Green Technology”, “Smart Grid” and “Broadband to all Rural Areas.”

Our tenets clearly address these phrases as shown below.

Green Technology:

  • Utilize the existing power grid infrastructure
  • Utilize the deployed Gridline network to facilitate energy savings and efficiencies in partnership with the power companies
  • Dual Solar and Battery powered Outside Plant (OSP) equipment

Smart Grid:

  • Utilize the deployed Gridline network to facilitate energy savings and efficiencies in partnership with the power companies

Broadband to all Rural Areas:

  • Deploy next generation broadband and internet services to areas that have little or no high speed service choices available