Smart Grid Utilizing Green Technology

Gridline has spent a number of years in the development process working on the technology to deliver high speed data utilizing the current electric power delivery network. This has become a reality in the marketplace. Gridline’s new technology makes possible a unique method in the delivery of high speed internet services such as security monitoring, automated metering reading, power management abilities, etc.

What is a Smart Grid

To help support the modernization of the Nation’s electric system consistent with Title XIII of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, the Commission is focusing on issues associated with a smarter grid.

Smart Grid advancements will apply digital technologies to the grid, and enable real-time coordination of information from generation supply resources, demand resources, and distributed energy resources (DER). The Commission’s interest and responsibilities in this area derive from its authority over the rates, terms and conditions of transmission and wholesale sales in interstate commerce, its responsibility for approving and enforcing mandatory reliability standards for the bulk power system in the United States, and a recently enacted law requiring the Commission to adopt interoperability standards and protocols necessary to ensure smart-grid functionality and interoperability in the interstate transmission of electric power and in regional and wholesale electricity markets.