We are Professional Technology experts building global data centers in every corner of the world, Gridline provides data center construction, engineering and installation to keep your business thriving.

Green Power

We believe in providing green power utilising broadband through power lines along with other clean ways to deliver and protect your investment. Gridline provideS ongoing preventative maintenance and data center disaster recovery activities to keep facilities and server environments running at optimal efficiencies

Data Center Construction

The data center construction process begins with a detailed assessment of your unique requirements, including physical and functional. Each complex data center construction project has their own engineering challenges and gridline can accommodate for them.

Broadband Utilizing Green Technology

Gridline Communications

A Broadband communications company, has one simple goal. To utilize our broadband transport networks, deployed for Smart Grid services, to provide communities and their businesses and residents with reliable, cost effective, broadband access to communications, online services, and information.

By working closely with our strategic partners and alliances, Gridline is able to design, deploy, implement, and operate our networks and applications services virtually anywhere in the world, so long as a power grid is present. Our business acumen and expertise enable us to implement business models that meet the needs and desires of electric utility companies, municipal, state, and national governments, and other stakeholders such as universities, hospitals, and multi-tenant building owners.

While our preferred delivery medium is our BPL technology Gridline utilizes a variety of cost effective, highly reliable technologies, to insure the services offered are at maximum availability and reliability. Gridline will integrate other transport mediums and our proprietary products, where more effective and reliably integrated, allowing us to deliver broadband connectivity and content services directly to electric outlets in your home or office.

How it Works

BPL uses the existing power lines as a medium of high speed data transfer. By using the existing power line infrastructure where practical and integrating other mediums where appropriate, Gridline is able to provide high speed, cost effective, broadband connectivity from any power outlet in the subscriber’s home or office.